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Meat Technology Book - 5th Edition

METALQUIMIA has presented the fifth edition of the BOOK OF TECHNOLOGY ARTICLES, a true Technology Treatise, widely used at Universities and Training Centers… a compendium of the different processing and manufacturing technologies METALQUIMIA has to offer for improving the competitiveness and positioning of meat processors worldwide.

A work that compiles the most advanced processes for the manufacture of cooked meat products, with special emphasis on the stages of additives and brine preparation, thawing, injection, massage, stuffing and cooking, as well as spray marination of fresh meats and the latest developments in technology, such as the QDS Process® accelerated drying and curing system, the innovative QDSnacks® technology and the 4.0 automation and connectivity solutions applied to production lines.

The new edition includes 5 new articles, plus a complete selection of the latest advances and developments carried out by METALQUIMIA’s Technology Department, in conjunction with their strategic partners, which will undoubtedly contribute to improving and updating the technical training and technological know-how of specialists in the worldwide meat sector.

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