From a very early age I have been crazy about music and especially the clarinet (see side photo) ... I loved singing and even won a XMAS Carrols Singing Contest in Besalú, my hometown. I would very much have liked to play a musical instrument, but unfortunately, in those years (late 60's, early 70's), there was no music school in Besalú, and Banyoles and Girona were too far away. 

It wasn't until I was almost 40 that I had the good luck to rediscover my favorite instrument: the clarinet. In the summer of 2003 I found an old clarinet in an antique shop and bought it...that clarinet was so old it could hardly be played, and that's when my good friend Josep Gispert (tenora player in the Cobla Orchestra La Principal de La Bisbal) told me: "...if you want to play an instrument buy one that you can really play". It was after hearing these magic words of Josep that, on the advice of Pere Rabasseda (piccolo and clarinet player in La Principal de La Bisbal), I bought my first Bb clarinet, an E-11 from Buffet & Crampon...a truly great instrument!!! 

My beginnings were autodidactic, following clarinet methods bought on Internet, but I quickly realized that I needed the guidance and advice of a maestro. It was then, in November 2003, that I began clarinet lessons with Pere Rabasseda...and I'm still continuing to this day!! 

In 2008 the Three Kings brought me my second clarinet...the FESTIVAL Bb clarinet from Buffet & Crampon that has a spectacular sonority...such luck and pleasure to be able to play this instrument.

 For me, the clarinet is a good friend that has brought music back into my life and with whom I have enjoyed unforgettable's for all these reasons that I'd like to share with all of you in this weblog some of the musical scores that have moved me...