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2016 Besalú's Sorrows

Today, March 14, 2016, begins the Quinary of Our Lady of Sorrows, organized by the Venerable Congregation of Our Lady of Sorrows of Besalú ... Quinary that leads up to the great outpouring of devotion to Mary at the Festival and Procession of of Our Lady of Sorrows on Friday, March 18, 2016.

The Festival and Procession of Sorrows of Besalú is one of the most iconic and charismatic events of the Catalan Lenten Cycle, and a true manifestation of collective spirituality that so many devotees of Our Lady of Sorrows have experienced over many centuries.

God willing, in this Year of Mercy, the inspirations of this great day will transform our hearts toward supporting and helping our Neighbor.

In the attached pdf file you can find the 2016  Program. If you have never experienced the Procession of Sorrows of Besalú, don’t miss it... it’s really worth it!!!


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