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7 success recipes

In the attached link you can see an interesting video posted by ACCIÓ with the experiences of the companies: Condor, Digital Legends, Metalquimia, Europastry, Zanini Reig-Jofre andFluidra, offering reflections and testimonies on their process of international growth.

When the only limit is imagination... When the only border is ambition... When every difficulty is nothing more than another challenge for innovation... And when all this is mixed with talent... 

When all this happens, we find companies like Condor, Digital Legends, Metalquimia, Europastry, Zanini Reig-Jofre or Fluidra. Seven Catalan companies that give us their ideas andtestimonies about their own process of international growth. Seven examples of companies that, starting from here, have opened up to the world and have conquered the most diverseinternational markets with innovative products and services. 

This short video reflects what they have learned, their thoughts and, above all, their passion. The passion for growth, for understanding the world as an endless succession of opportunitiesin which to expand and for seeing each new market as a new challenge for innovation.

More than 15,000 Catalan companies export regularly and foreign sales account for half of the Catalan GDP. This video is a small fragment of this reality, made on the occasion of the 2015 edition of the Internationalization Week. The motto, "Catalonia open to the world", serves to describe the DNA of these seven companies that have set an example here. 

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