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Creativation Talks

The CREATIVATION TALKSCreativation tools for the new Education, organized by the Foundation for Creativation, is a unique event that aims to reflect on the great challenges of the future facing our society and provide disruptive tools for educating the new generations... all with a very flexible format combining lectures and practical workshops designed for teachers of primary and secondary school, high school and vocational training, as well as parents, business people and executives and all those who are interested in the great challenges of the future and the new education that is essential to meeting them...

The CREATIVATION TALKS will be held at the Girona Auditorium on Tuesday July 5th and will feature a number of renowned speakers from many different fields: experts in creativity, innovation and education; school administrators and teachers; psychologists and researchers who will share their opinions, visions and experiences of how to influence education in the family, school or company... this is what I like to call the Magic Triangle of Education, because only by impacting all the vertices of this triangle will we be able to enjoy, in the medium term, an INVINCIBLE WORLDWIDE creative ecosystem... as you have heard me say many times, we want to make the disruptions OF THE FUTURE here at home... we must make them here at home... and to achieve this we need a true educational revolution at all levels, a new education ...

This will be the 21st-Century Education, the education of the future, a new 4-Dimensional education where, beyond Knowledge, Skills and Character, the students themselves will reflect on their own educational process... in this context, Creativation will be the key to stimulating Lateral Thinking and teaching them to continually reflect and question when faced with the paradoxes and social needs of the future world.

 Don’t miss it for anything !!!!!

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