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24/11/2003 - 00:00


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Additives and Ingredients in the Manufacture of Cooked Meat Products

Additives and auxiliary ingredients used in the manufacturing process play a very important role in today's food industry. Their use is not a recent development, but goes back many years to ancient times and has evolved as food manufacturing has become more and more industrialized. Additives and ingredients have a fundamental role in maintaining food qualities and characteristics and are necessary in order for food products to remain safe, nutritious and attractive for consumers. The utilization and proportion of additives and ingredients, as well as their identification on the product label, is usually regulated by competent institutions in each particular country, to ensure consumer safety and information. This article describes, in summarized fashion, the main additives and ingredients used in the manufacture of whole muscle cooked meat products. Not all of them are necessary, and their use will depend on the product to be manufactured and on the machinery and technology available. It is, therefore, advisable to be very familiar with their properties and functions so that they help in obtaining the desired objective, and are used properly and without excess.

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  • 21/04/2011 - dayreli d



    seria bueno que agregaran material de sangre deshidratada como aditivo para la elaboracion de productos carnicos