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TROJAN HORSE by J.J. Benítez

 Reality? Fiction? This is the question!


When one reads the J.J. Benítez book collection TROJAN HORSE for the first time, and specially the first one of the collection: TROJAN HORSE I: JERUSALEM, it is very difficult to separate fiction from reality. Without doubt a beautiful vision of the days Jesus of Nazareth spent in this, our world, with us (before and after the Resurrection) and that really helps to understand God's Mystery for whom have ears to listen and want to listen...


Of all collection, until the moment 8 books, according to my opinion the best ones and more transcendent are the first one (TROJAN HORSE I: JERUSALEM) and the sixth one (TROJAN HORSE VI: HERMON )

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  • 24/09/2009 - carolina zúñiga


    Caballo de Troya

    Me parece que la saga es sencillamente genial!!!! Si es producto de un sueño, o de la imaginación de una escritor...sinceramente no sé! Pero definitivamente vale la pena... Nos muestra la otra cara de HOMBRE-DIOS, pero con la misma grandeza infinita! Definitivamente lleno de espiritualidad!!!