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The Creativation Game

Last Tuesday, May 5, the Metalquimia Foundation and the Foundation for Creativation presented the "Creativation Game" and the new collection of stories "Discover your talents" during a ceremony held at the Carles Rahola Library in Girona.

The presentation was scheduled to coincide with the second anniversary of the Foundation for Creativation, whose main objective is to promote creativity for innovation in young people, allowing them to develop skills as part of the learning process throughout their lives.

The Creativation Game is an underground creativity workshop whose goal is to teach a method for defining and solving the world’s creative challenges. The game can change the lives of all those who play it, whether young people, families or companies, since it teaches how to confront daily challenges and those of the future, exercising the mind to generate a lot of ideas, showing how to choose the best solutions for these challenges with criteria of economic impact and social value and, finally, how to implement them with the maximum guarantees of success.

Created in a board game format, the Creativation Game is aimed at different audiences: children, families, employers and managers, what I like to call "The magic triangle of education" . The game is intended to supplement the itineraries created so far by the Foundation for Creativation to raise awareness among children of their potential and help them to maintain their creative abilities. The first itinerary is designed for middle level primary schoolchildren (3rd and 4th grade) and the second for upper level students (5th and 6th grade).

In parallel with the presentation of the Creativation Game, three different games were played under the leadership of its designers, Oriol Ripoll and Oriol Cuadrada, of Jocs al Segon. The games were played in one of the rooms of the library by three different groups that correspond to the three categories targeted by the game: the school, the family and the company / organization.

Also participating in the event was Miguel Ángel Oliva, director of the Private Foundation for Creativation, who took stock of the entity’s second year of activity. In this regard, he reported that more than 4000 children from thirty primary schools in the Girona and Barcelona regions have participated in the itinerary for developing their creative talent. Our friend Miguel Ángel also presented a new collection of stories "Discover your talents", a tool to be used by parents to identify the talents of their children and thereby help them realize their full potential.

The event included a very interesting conference given by our good friend Xavier Verdaguer, who stressed the importance of "dreaming without limits and without giving up to make dreams come true" and said that through creativation we can overcome obstacles in a fun way in this exciting adventure that is life".


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  • 28/05/2015 - Daniel


    la canalla és creativa, potenciem-ho

    excelent idea que heu tingu, ara només falta saber com accedir-hi :) salutacions daniel