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Tivo's New Adventure

From the Foundation for Creativation we are creating a new story to help boys and girls discover the power of their imagination and learn how to use their creativity to innovate!

 EXPLORING COMMUNICATION is not just any adventure... the Foundation for Creativation’s team of experts have designed an interactive story for children to enhance their creativity and discover the tools they need for innovating and meeting  the Challenges of the Future!

 In order to create the story, we are conducting a crowdfunding campaign on the Verkami platform. To achieve our goal we need the contribution of all those parents who want to have the story to teach creativity and innovation to their children or to the boys and girls in their environment. In this way, together we will make the story possible!

 And you? Do you want the story so that your children will learn to Innovate?

 Join us and get the story! CLICK HERE

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