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Act against the Crisis

My good friend Núria Vilanova, President of the Grupo Inforpress, has initiated the project ACT AGAINST THE CRISIS, a positive movement  for sharing the best business practices and ideas, and where company owners and managers of the entire Country contribute their personal recipes for overcoming the crisis and emerging stronger from this process of change.


 It is really worth reading the different articles and the solutions they offer...


In this post you have my contribution to the project and my particular recipes, realistic reflections for viewing the future with optimism.  


It is necessary to prepare now, without further delay, the way out of the crisis. Therefore, the first recommendation is don't give in to despair, learn how to manage fear, have confidence in our project, in ourselves and our personnel and, above all, don't take any action now that might jeopardize our future tomorrow; that is, we must stay on course and on an even keel without losing sight of the overall view (see the recently published book FLIGHT PLAN, RBA Books)...


This said, in addition, in our companies, we must promote growth at the top of the P&L. And in order to propel the noblest part of the P&L it is indispensable that we not stop pampering our customers and collaborators, that we help them more than ever before; it is necessary to turn new products into economic return by applying the methodologies of Creativation (systematic and integral management of Creativity and Innovation); it is essential to wake up the right hemisphere of our teams to achieve much more impact of communication as well as resources. Expansion and diversification to new markets (both geographic and of application) can be another of the keys, as well as stimulating and making flourish dormant talent by creating high-performance teams willing to accept a common commitment, shared by all and with the general conviction that only together can we prevail. Certainly, the lower part of the P&L also has its importance and, therefore, "destroying" the processes "of forever" to achieve improvements in productivity at all levels and curb nonessential expenditures are also key factors for survival today .... and always. And finally, ensuring liquidity and operating payments can be established as basic habits to always be kept in mind...

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  • 25/07/2009 - nuria vilanova



    Moltes gracies pel teu comentari Josep. Ja saps que admiro la teva tenacitat, per saltar (et reconec que jo seria absolutament incapaç), pel blog, pel llibre, per l’empresa, i pel teu activisme associatiu. Gracies per recolzar l iniciativa amb la teva aportació. I la meva invitació a tots els teus amics i lectors del blog a compartir també les seves experiències. Una abraçada