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A concert like in the Movies!

La Sinfónica de Cobla y Cuerda de Cataluña SCCC (The Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia), the innovative musical project sponsored by Metalquimia, successfully made its debut in the Auditorio de Girona last November 30, 2012.

The group, which combines senior and junior talent, presented its most international work "Cinema Legends", with the collaboration of the singers Nina and Cris Juanico and the saxophonist Pep Poblet

La Sinfónica de Cobla y Cuerda de Cataluña (SCCC) has just entered into a new phase as a result of the fusion of La Principal de la Bisbal and the Joven Orquesta de las Comarcas de Girona JOCG, the pedagogical project of the Orquesta de Cadaqués. With a full house in the Sala Montsalvatge – the tickets were sold out days in advance- the SCCC presented its new work interpreting well-known themes of movie soundtracks such as Life is BeautifulThe GodfatherThe Sound of MusicRockyBeauty and the Beast and Casablanca.

Nina, Cris Juanico and Pep Poblet also appeared on stage to participate in some of the pieces such as Yo te diré, from the movie Los últimos de Filipinas; Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, from the soundtrack of the Monty Python movie Life of Brian, and The Pink Panther.

The concert ended with all the musicians and singers interpreting 'The Sound of Music. The captivated audience responded to the concert with enthusiasm and demanded three encores from the Orchestra, on this occasion made up of more than 70 musicians, who, despite the international vocation of the new project, remained true to their Catalan DNA and performed la Santa Espina as well.

With this brillant premiere, the SCCC has shown that it is a cultural alternative of high quality that distills beauty, Catalan spirit, creativity and universality, elements that our country needs now more than ever.

Part of the proceeds form the concert will go to the Down’s Syndrome Foundation of Girona Astrid-21.

The new work of the Sinfónica de Cobla y Cuerda Cinema Legends can be obtained on the SCCC’s web page (, and on the webpage of the recording label Tritó ( and, as of January 2013, on the platforms iTunes and Spotify.

If you want to hear how the SCCC sounds, click on the attached link.

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