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With Catalonia in my Hearth

After the successes following their presentation concert in 2008, the SIMFÒNICA DE COBLA i CORDA DE CATALUNYA, which performed the New Year's Concert shown on TV3 Televisión de Cataluña, firmly consolidates its trajectory with the recording in the Auditorio de Girona's Sala Sinfònica of its third work Amb Catalunya al Cor (With Catalonia in my Heart) on July 12 to 15, 2010.

This new disc brings together emblematic works of Catalan music, from traditional songs, such as La Balanguera, to fragments of La Cançó d'Amor i de Guerra (Song of Love and War) by Rafael Martínez Valls and Mar i Cel (Sea and Sky) by Albert Guinovart, as well as brand new pieces, such as Perfum Mediterrani (Mediterranean Perfume) by Francesc Cassú and En els Braços de la Mare (In my Mother's Arms) by Monsignor Valentí Miserachs, President of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music.

Other prestigious composers, such as Ricard Miralles, Marc Timón, Josep Cassú and Jaume Cristau, among others, complete the musical scene of this Amb Catalunya al Cor, and place SCCC's new work on the same level of quality as the group's previous discs, Sardanes per al Món (Sardanas for the World) and Inoblidables en Concert (Unforgettable in Concert).

The presentation concert for this new musical work of the SCCC, sponsored by Metalquimia, will take place in the Sala Sinfònica of the Auditorio de Girona on Friday, November 26. Two new works will be performed, composed expressly for the occasion by two very representative figures in the current Catalan musical panorama, Francesc Cassú and the above-mentioned Valentí Miserachs.

Photo 1 - The Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya recording its 3rd disc

Photo 2 - Standing: Carles Coll, Narcís Lagares and Josep Cassú, Seated: Josep Lagares and Monsignor Valentí Miserachs

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