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A Challenge, Robotics teaching at all High-Schools

On the 15th and 16th of last October the X edition of ROBOLOT was held in the town of Olot (La Garrotxa - Girona), a unique event for the intellectual development of our young people, which is why the Prince of Girona Foundation wished to lend support to Educational Robotics and ROBOLOT as part of its activities.

The Prince of Girona Foundation believes that the promotion of scientific and technological vocations is a strategic element for the future of our Country, and ROBOLOT is becoming an activity conducive to awakening the interest and passion of young people for all types of scientific disciplines and to encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit ...

During the course of ROBOLOT, on behalf of the Prince of Girona Foundation, I had the opportunity to address a few words to all the participants at the event... a small simple of which I share with you below:

Look, just one year ago I was strolling around the fair of Sant Lluc with my wife and children and we went into one of the tents ... and you can't imagine how surprised we were to see a group of young people at a table full of robots and computers doing incredible things... I was already familiar with these activities because I had often talked about them with my good friend Arcadi Calzada and also through my personal acquaintance with Mr. Ricard Huguet, President of the Scientia Foundation and head of the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE in Spain, but I must say that seeing up close what all those children were doing with their robots had a profound impact on me ...

So much so that we thought it would be a good idea for the Prince of Girona Foundation to get involved at the first available opportunity in helping all those who make possible these projects of technological initiative...

... It was imperative to help all those who, as you fertilize the soil so that new scientific and technological vocations will flourish in our Country ... provide a solid guarantee of our future competitiveness and non-negotiable assets to meet the challenges of the society of the future.

Those initial intentions crystallized for the first time when Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Asturias and Girona received in Audience in the Zarzuela Palace the national winners of the FIRST Lego League last June. Because it was so moving, but also because of its transformative potentialthis was a moment I will never forget. I still remember the moving words spoken by the Prince and Princess as they encouraged all those children to strive to make all their dreams come true, dreams full of hope for the future and that, without question, is what our Country needs most today, because without hope for tomorrow we will never be able to build our present, today.

But the motivation didn't stop here ... a week later, when the IMPULSA Forum  was held in Girona, the Foundation strengthened even further its commitment to this project ... during the entire day more than 150 boys and girls from the high schools of Girona  participated in the Forum's robotics workshops in which, without any prior knowledge of the material, they learned to build a robot. On this occasion, the Prince and Princess were also at the students' side, visiting the workshops, learning from them and providing all their support.

And what's more, in addition to all this, the President of the  FIRST Foundation and chief world representative of FIRST LEGO LEAGUE, the American Jon Dudas, was also with us at the IMPULSA Forum to help in encouraging, never better said, all this impressive deployment for educational robotics, giving us a unique and focused talk so that young people will enjoy all that Science and Technology has to offer. For those who don't know, in the United States alone the FIRST Foundation mobilizes more than 250,000 young people each year in projects similar to ROBOLOT. In this spirit, I encourage all of you to visit the IMPULSA Forum website and see, among others, the video of Jon's talk ... it's really worth it!

Today the Prince of Girona Foundation takes another step forward in this process, lending support to ROBOLOT to thank them, on the occasion of their tenth anniversary, for everything they do, have done and will do to promote collaboration, entrepreneurial initiative and, of course, the cultivation of new scientific and technological vocations among young people... My friends, what you do is crucial for our future, because with ROBOLOT you contribute to inspiring our young people ... and believe me, now is the time to build enthusiasm, now is the time to be hopeful and create the conditions for this to become reality... it has never been so necessary!!

And I don't want to close without taking the opportunity to share with you a VISION, A DREAM and A CHALLENGE. I envision a day when our children will come out of school with a full knowledge of creativation and entrepreneurial initiative ... I have dreamed of the day when each and every high school in our Country will offer an educational robotics module, a ROBOLOT module ... so let's start without further delay to work together, this is the mission and the challenge I propose to you ... believe me, if we achieve this, we will have enriched our children's future, and in a not too distant tomorrow we will reap the benefits of what we call the IMPULSA youth, a new generation of restless young people with talent, values, attitudes, capabilities and projects ... young people capable of changing the world, a generation of young people with the courage and commitment to face the challenges of their future with audacity, hope and enthusiasm ... this is the IMPULSA GENERATION ... the ROBOLOT GENERATION!

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  • 24/10/2011 - Joaquim Bosch



    Molt bé Josep. És una iniciativa que té un nom propi de constància i de treball que es diu Toni Moreno. Val la pena de reconèixer-ho. Em sap greu no haver coincidit amb tu aquest any, doncs m'entusiasme com a tu. Felicitacions per la teva gestió Quim