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Lent and The Lady of Sorrows

Next Monday, April 7, marks the start of the Quinary of the Venerable Congregation of Our Lady of Sorrows in Besalú, a 5-day spiritual period in which all the inhabitants of Besalú and devotees of the Virgin of Sorrows prepare their hearts to celebrate with joy and peace of spirit the Festival of Sorrows... and the Holy Week that follows.

Before this, however, next Saturday, April 5, we will be honored with the presence of the Bishop of Girona, Monsignor Francesc Pardo i Artigas, to inaugurate the new Chapter House of the Venerable Congregation, a crucial project for the Congregation of Sorrows of Besalú, which will provide space for the classification, archiving and long-term preservation of all the documents and material of the Venerable Congregation, as well as historical study, projection and dissemination of such material and documentation.

At the same time, the new Chapter House will permit the Congregation to make use of Information Technology to encourage future digitalization of all this doucumentary and historical background, while further solidifying, if possible, the Congregation’s selfless commitment to the town of Besalú, promoting spiritual tasks of prayer befitting the Order of Servents of Mary apostolate, supporting Parish social work for the most disadvantaged and cultural work to publicize and preserve the historical heritage of the Venerable Congregation.

The Quinary ends the day of the Festival of Sorrows, which this year will be on Friday, April 11.

The Festival of Sorrows is a devotional event unique in our country and culminates in the Procession of Sorrows, one of the most valued manifestations of the Catalan Lenten Cycle, where tradition, silence and spirituality walk intertwined, always within the incomparable framework of Besalú. In addition, this year 2014, we will have the honor of being accompanied in the Procession by the Honorable Mr. Santi Vila i Vicente, Director of Planning and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia.

If you have never witnessed the Sorrows of Besalú, do not miss it for the world, you will experience a unique and unforgettable time full of spiritual mysticism.

See below the pdf file for the Program of Sorrows 2014.


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