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New Chapterhouse

The Bishop of Girona, Monsignor Francesc Pardo i Artigas presided over the inauguration of the new Chapter Room of the Venerable Congregation of Our Lady of Sorrows of Besalú. The new Chapter Room will provide space for the classification, preservation, historical study, projection and dissemination of the Congregation’s documentary archive, gathered over more than 300 years of history.

The Venerable Congregation of Our Lady of Sorrows of Besalú, with its 314 years of history considered to be one of the oldest and most charismatic Congregations active in Catalonia, winner of the Cruz de Sant Jordi Award in 2005, inaugurated its new Chapter Room last Saturday, April 5, 2014, thus signaling the start of the Quinary events and the Festival of Our Lady of Sorrows.

The new Chapter Room has been, is and should be a crucial project for the Congregation, as it will allow for sorting, archiving and preserving, long-term, all their documents and material, as well as providing space for the historical study, projection and dissemination of all such material and documentation.

Also, the new Chapter Room will consolidate even further the selfless commitment of the Congregation to the town of Besalú, promoting the spiritual tasks of prayer and apostleship of the Order of Servants of Mary; supporting the Parish; engaging in social work for the disadvantaged and cultural work to raise awareness of and preserve the historical heritage of the Venerable Congregation.

The Bishop of Girona, Monsignor Francesc Pardo, who blessed the new Chapter Room, stressed the importance of the Congregation of Sorrows as a guide and spiritual axis for the people of Besalú over so many generations... Besalú is for Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Lady of Sorrows is for Besalú... the Bishop added.

The mayor of Besalú, Lluís Guinó, for his part, placed emphasis on the importance, especially in turbulent times as these, of private collaboration arising from the desire of many people to carry out far-reaching cultural projects, such as the Chapter Room of the Congregation.


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