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EXIT by Bruno Brokken

Bruno Brokken made his first parachute jump back in 1980 over Koksijde, Belgium.

Since then he has made many thousands of jumps, most of them with a camera attached to his helmet. As a cameraman in skydiving he has been able to see a great deal of the world, jumping in some incredible locations. During this time Bruno has witnessed and recorded some of the most memorable skydiving events, has experienced exiting from a huge variety of aircraft and has competed at a world-class level with some of the world's most talented skydivers.

This collection of his work is an opportunity for skydivers and non-skydivers alike to share a part of Bruno Brokken's unusual but beautiful perspective on our planet. The aim of the book is to simply let the photographs speak for themselves, allowing us a glimpse into the life of the people, the places and the events that make skydiving the extraordinary thing that it is. Above all it illustrates the sport that Bruno has dedicated much of his life to.

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