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GOURMEAT by Metalquimia

GOURMEAT is an unprecedented project launched by METALQUIMIA with the support and sponsorship of Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca, which mixes Creativation (the ability to be creative to innovate), meat technology, haute cuisine, teamwork, the momentum of enthusiasm and motivation within organizations... and if I may, esteem for the lands of Girona.

Look, since its inception in the early 1970’s, METALQUIMIA has diligently pursued the goal of transforming the way the world processes meat... this has been our original leitmotiv and the key to our progress... as a result, in these first nearly 50 years of journey, METALQUIMIA has become a global benchmark for research, development and technology for meat processing and meat products. From Girona, and as a result of the spirit of CREATIVATION © (CREATIvity x innoVATION) born from our people, we have provided disruptive solutions that have vastly improved the technology and productive processes of the global meat industry.

This same CREATIVATION © that has nourished our Company is what has always characterized our country and our people and, among many other things, has placed our gastronomy at the head of Global Haute Cuisine, making the Girona region the cradle of the world’s great chefs... with the Roca brothers of El Celler de Can Roca and Ferran Adrià of El Bulli as maximum exponents.

With this particular spirit of Curiosity, Creativity and Innovation that inspires us, we would like to offer this work we now present. GOURMEAT is an innovative and unprecedented compendium of Haute Cuisine, the result of the best culinary ideas of our Organization, and which transforms into top-quality gastronomic format the cooked and cured meat products that have been our passion ever since our beginnings.

The project began in early 2014 when, at the initiative of Ms. Marta Xargayó, Manager of METALQUIMIA’s Technology Department, we transformed one of our regular creativity workshops into an haute cuisine contest open to our entire team and their families.

The aim was to contribute ideas and create new dishes (appetizers, entrees, 1st courses, 2nd courses, desserts ...) with the condition that one of the main ingredients be a meat product made with our machinery and/or processing technology (including cooked, marinated or cured products). The initiative was a success  and more than 100 recipes were submitted, of which the best 34 were chosen to be published in GOURMEAT.

With 3 editions: in Catalan, Spanish and English... original dishes such as ham and cheese lollipops, chicken rolls with strawberries, mushroom sushi, fresh garlic and caramelized biscuit jacketed with cooked ham, or bacon bonbons ... will make GOURMEAT a MUST HAVE in bookshops of all those who love good food!

With GOURMEAT, we have something more than just a cookbook with  very original recipes... on each and every page of this book you can sense the spirit of Creativation that guides our daily activity... with the humble aspiration to inspire all those who wish to explore new culinary formulas, while providing a glimpse of a powerful tool for motivation and team cohesion within an organizational environment  that, from the Girona region, has the world as its final destination!

From this blog, I would once again like to thank my good friends Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca, of El Celler de Can Roca for their support and invaluable collaboration in the Prologue of this book,  Encarna Tirado for her constant support and friendship, as well as Marta Xargayó, Manager of METALQUIMIA’s Technology Department, for her excellent initiative, and all our people for their invaluable collaboration in creating such tasty delicacies.

Bon appétit!!!!


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