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Llach by Cobla and String

The Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia (SCCC), the innovative project promoted by the Metalquimia Foundation and conducted  by Francisco Cassú, records this week its new album, entitled 'Obstinately Llach'. It will be a double CD with a compilation of the most representative songs from the musical trajectory of Lluís Llach. This work, the orchestra’s eighth, includes the participation of the singers Beth and Manu Guix, who have performed with the SCCC on various occasions, and the addition of new frontline interpreters such as Roger Padullés and Elena Gadel.

This new work will be an anthological collection of Lluís Llach’s career from his first appearance on the stage 50 years ago, with a careful compilation of fifty of his most emblematic pieces, collected in 15 themes, and interpreted on this occasion with the drive and quality that characterizes the SCCC and their collaborating singers. The result will be a double CD of 90 minutes duration, combining pieces that are performed instrumentally, others performed with voice only and others with voice and instrumental acompaniment.

The idea for making this album came just at the end of the concerts held at the Girona Auditorium to present the previous work of the SCCC, when Lluís Llach congratulated the musicians and said he admired the unique sound produced by this orchestra. That inspired us to do something in recognition of his great musical trajectory, for his being such a great master and a great patriot. In this sense, the name of the album, 'Obstinately Llach', "is meant to reflect Llach’s strength, his persistence, the fact that after 50 years his music has endured and not gone out of style, something that surprises even him. "

The new work of the SCCC will be presented in Girona in a double concert on November 25 and 26 at the Auditorium. Tickets are now on sale for 15, 20 and 25 euros. In keeping with the spirit of solidarity of this musical project, part of the proceeds will go to the Àstrid XXI Foundation and to Charities – Companies with Heart.



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