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08/05/1998 - 00:00


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Pre-Massaging in the Manufacture of Cooked Meat Products

The application of a sequence of pressure impacts (pre-massage) to the meat muscle has a remarkable and innovative effect on the way the meat behaves during the manufacturing process of cooked meat products. In order to quantify this effect and to be able to apply it in a production line, a series of tests were conducted in a laboratory, pilot plant and industrial plant. The following parameters were taken as references: massaging time, yield, muscle binding and sliceability, since these are the attributes with greatest repercussions on the product's quality and cost. The results obtained in the tests, which are described in this article, demonstrate that a pre-massaging stage has a very positive and efficient effect on all the parameters mentioned, and can be applied to the majority of whole muscle meat manufacturing processes. Muscle fiber characteristics vary from one animal species to another and, in each product, pressure intensity must be adjusted accordingly in order to obtain the desired effect.

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