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SCCC: the Best Concert

  • SCCC The Very Best Concert
  • With Cris Juanico, Jaume Lleixà, Albert Guinovart, Pep Poblet, F Cassú, Manu Guix, Beth i Parrot

"SCCC: THE VERY BEST", the new disc with a compilation of the musical trajectory of the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonia SCCC, was presented in the Auditorium of Girona last November 27 and 28, 2015.

With both concerts sold out and before a very enthusiastic audience, the SCCC, Beth, Albert Guinovart, Manu Guix, Cris Juanico, Nina and Pep Poblet performed for us a selection of the most emblematic pieces of the SCCC’s history.

During the intermission of the concert on the 27th, I had the opportunity to say a few words of thanks to the large audience that was with us on that unique day... if you wish, you can read them here:

Good evening everyone...

Before the 2nd part of the concert beginsI would like to say a few words of thanks for being here with us tonight...

Since its beginnings in the year 2008, the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonihas moved us with an unprecedented sounda sound that has made us  appreciate the beauty of our most unforgettable music and has awakened in us the Cataloniwe all carry in our Heartswedding the Cobla, the Catalan instrument par excellence with the most universal symphonic instruments. Last September 8 we experienced a unique and unrepeatable moment... within the framework of the Concert on the National Day of Catalonia,and precisely on the foundations of the Barcelona of 1714 in the Born, the Symphony Orchestra gave us goose bumps when they performed our most beloved hymns... those songs of the people that reflect our deepest feelings and invoke the spirit of Cataloniand its deep roots.

Just a few months earlierthe Symphony Orchestra had premiered at the Gran Teatre del Liceu accompanied by Josep Carreras and the Puig-Reig Polyphonic in a well-attended concert that marked the end of the events celebrating Barcelona as the Capital of the Sardana... who would have thoughtthat Autumn of 2007 in the Monastery of San Pedro of Besalú, that eight years later the Catalan Symphony Orchestra that my father had just envisioned would be chosen to enrich these exceptional events  in the cathedrals of Catalan musicmaking up a unique musical group in a genre all its own thatif it didn’t existnow more than everwe would have to invent?

True to this spirit and as a tribute to this brilliant trajectorytoday the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra of Catalonioffers us a retrospective collection of its most emblematic works... and all of this spiced up with the incomparable artistic talent of those who have been our travel companions in these last years... friends who I would like to thank publicly for having made this great project possible, starting with the masters of La Principal de la Bisbal, Beth, Nina, Albert, Cris, Manu and Pep, as well as the professionals of the Orchestra of Cadaqués and Meritxell Maset, Eulalia Tomás and with very special affection the Technical Director and the Conductor of the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra, Jaume Lleixà and Francesc Cassú... and of course all of you, the young members of the Youth Orchestra of Girona, the true guarantee of our musical future... thank you very much for all the cracks!

But I cannot end without thanking the Auditorium and the Town Hall of Girona for all these years of collaborative work... and also all those friends who have helped us to promote this project: the Princess of Girona Foundation, the Conservatory of Girona, the ASTRID-21 Foundation, CARITAS, and the newspaper La Vanguardia.

Ladies, gentlemen... On behalf of the family business I have the honor to represent, I wholeheartedly hope that you enjoy these sounds and melodies that remind us this year, more than ever, of the roots and the spirit of a Universal Catalonia!

Long live Catalonia !!!

Eeeep... there is one more thing I must mention... Look... among us this evening is an exceptional musician who says he wants to retire... he has performed in all the squares of Catalonia with the Principal de La Bisbal Orchestra for more than 30 years and with the Cobla and String Symphony Orchestra since its birth... I personally believe he is one of the most polyhedral musicians I have ever met... his unmistakable voice, his serious violin, his more festive saxophones, his virtuosity with the tenor horn, but above all his kindness, enthusiasm and camaradarie make us wish today, at the time of his Farewell, along with all the members of SCCC, to pay our heartfelt tribute to a great master, a great person and a great friend... Jordi Parrot !!!

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